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3. June 2021
Exciting news…

Here you can download logo-graphics for print (zip)  and see a press statement below:

Approaching Multiethnicity and Dementia in Education and Work is an Erasmus+ Project. It is a cooperation between Germany, Italy, Latvia and Denmark and one educational institution and one care institution from each country represent the partners. Our societies are getting more and more multiethnic and also people with another background than the majority get old and some get dementia. Therefore it is necessary to improve the competences of teachers, trainers and caregivers with regard to dementia and multi-culturallity. The partners will develop a training program, a reflection tool and a small video in order to raise awareness on the understanding of multi-ethnicity in the care sector and specifically the challenges related to people suffering from dementia and having different ethnic backgrounds.

Working in a context with focus on multiculturallity is the basis of continuous development of new personal and professional skills, better care for persons from another background and better cooperation with their relatives